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What is laser skin resurfacing in Ealing?

Laser skin resurfacing in Ealing is one of the types of laser treatments for the face. In this case, the laser is concentrated on the area that needs to be worked on. The heat from it penetrates deep into the dermis.

This has two actions – it helps to reduce the appearance of blemishes and promotes the product of collagen. The skin looks clearer and tightens naturally as a result.

This is a non-ablative procedure. By this we mean that it will not harm the skin in any way or remove any layers of skin.

Laser resurfacing for acne scars is particularly effective. Particularly deep scars cannot be removed, but most of the others can.

Laser skin tightening in Ealing, is the perfect way to start erasing those lines caused by sun damage.

It will help with a range of skin issues, from fine lines and wrinkles and scars through to tightening up flabby skin.

What to Expect After Procedure

The skin laser treatment before and after shots for the first treatment will probably not show very dramatic differences. That is normal, it will usually take a few procedures to get things right.

You can expect some redness once the laser skin resurfacing treatment in Ealing is complete. You will need to apply a good moisturizer afterwards. If you need to go back to work afterwards, you can use makeup to cover the redness. It is advisable to use a gentle cream cleanser to remove the makeup later.

You might have swelling around the area treated. This can be dealt with easily enough by applying a cool compress.

When sleeping that night, it is advisable to sleep with your head raised higher than normal. Try not to sleep on the side the work was done on. This is to prevent swelling later on.

Finally, if you are going out into the sun, it is important to use sun cream. It should be no less than SPF 30.

Pricing Table
Treatment Prices
Fat Reduction (Per Area) £50.00
Dermal Volumizing £50.00
Wrinkle Reduction £50.00
Skin Tightening & Resurfacing £50.00