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Ladies Haircuts in Ealing

As a lady, you spend a fair amount of time refining your look. It is nice to look well-groomed, even when you’re out for the day. Being well-groomed isn’t all about having the latest shade of eyeshadow or following all the trends.

It is a lot subtler. You can achieve the look even without a hint of makeup on.  All you really need is to have a smashing hairstyle that can be adapted easily for casual or smart occasions.

With the right hairstyle, you can choose the perfect look for you all the time. Where is the best spot to get your hair cut in Ealing? At Nu-Wave, of course. Speak to us about hair colouring in Ealing as well.

Men's Haircuts in Ealing

Most of the time, cutting a man’s hair is simple enough. There are a few style options to consider, but men are maybe a little less adventurous than women are. Which is why when you want your next hair cut in Ealing, you want affordable hairdressers that are not going to charge the earth.

At Nu-Wave, we understand our clients. We know that you deserve top-class service and that you are tired of being ripped off by salons. We offer good value for money and brilliant service to match.

So, next time you wonder, “Can I get an affordable haircut near me?” stop off at Nu Wave.

Children’s Haircuts in Ealing

So, it’s time to take the kiddies for a haircut. It’s not such a hard thing to do when they are a little older. But, when they are still toddlers and little wriggling worms, it becomes more difficult. The concept of sitting completely still is a difficult one to get across.

Which is why it troubles people that some hairdressers charge the same for kids as they would an adult. One wrong wriggle and that’s a lot of money down the drain.

At Nu-Wave, we offer a solution for you and your kids. We offer a top-flight service and still come in under the category of cheap hairdressers.

If your kid needs their hair cut in Ealing, bring them by. We’ll offer a service that is great for your kid and your wallet.

Pricing Table
Treatment Prices
X $1,190
Y $2,443
Z $1,120