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Why Choose Us for Your Aesthetic Treatments in Ealing

Simply because we offer the best aesthetic treatments in Ealing.  We work hand in hand with our clients to come up with a treatment program that offers the best possible results in the long-term. We use medical-grade technology and state of the art treatments to give you the look that you want your aesthetic treatments in Ealing.

We focus on results that look completely naturally. After a visit or two with our aesthetic doctor,  you will get rave reviews. You’ll get comments like, “You look great” or “You look so rested.” No one is actually going to be able to put their finger on what you have had done.

We pride ourselves in being the best aesthetic clinic in Ealing. Come in and see what we can do for you. Reveal the radiance that may have become a little hidden over the years. Work with us, and we will teach you how to let that natural radiance shine through.

Neck and Chin Lift

Looking for a way to look younger, but not willing to go under the knife? We offer a completely non-invasive technique to lift and tighten the skin naturally. By delivering a high-intensity, focused ultrasound blast strategically, the collagen in the skin is stimulated and renewed.

You still look like yourself, only better. Because the tissue deep within the skin is stimulated, it does all the work. There is no need to have a surgeon pull your face so tight that it looks like a mask. And no need for painful injections. Only a natural, younger appearance.

HIFu Lip Enhancement

As we age, our lips start to lose volume. That’s where HiFu can come in very helpful in creating that perfect, pouty lip. Again, the principle is the same. The blast of warmth and energy from the HiFu helps to stimulate the tissue in the lips and stimulate skin renewal and collagen production.

Your lips appear fuller without the need for regular filler injections. With results lasting up to a year and a half, this is a far more effective treatment anyway.

Pricing Table
Treatment Prices
X $1,190
Y $2,443
Z $1,120